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ElliptiGO - Elliptical Machines Recalled for Fall Hazard

ElliptiGO, a company who manufactures elliptical cycles, has recently recalled one of their products due to a fall hazard. Rather than indoor, stationary cycles, the cycles that are being recalled are elliptical machines designed to be used outdoors. These machines are similar to regular bicycles. There are two wheels, two pedals and handlebars. Riders stand up while pedaling, similar to a stationary elliptical machine. The name of the product being recalled is ElliptiGO 11R outdoor elliptical cycle.

Less than 200 of these cycles are being recalled because it was discovered that the cycles can break or crack while in use, which creates a fall hazard. Investigation into the product began after users reported the cracking. The company received three complaints of the cycle drive arm cracking, but there were no injuries. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) urges those who have these cycles to cease use of the product immediately. Anyone who has purchased this cycle may send in for a free replacement part.

Fall hazards are one of the most common reasons for product recalls. The CPSC is the government institution that is responsible for the regulation and recall of all consumer products. This institution will recall products for a number of reasons. They may have received complaints about a particular product or they may have joined with a company who is voluntarily recalling their product.

Consumers that are injured by certain products may not be eligible for compensation if they continued use of the product even after the recall. However, if you were injured by a product that was later recalled or proved to be dangerous, you should seek legal help. Mani Ellis & Layne, PLLC can look over your case to determine whether or not you may have a case against a product manufacturer. To learn more, contact our firm as soon as possible!

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