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Investigating Trucking Companies

Holding negligent parties accountable in West Virginia and Ohio

If you were injured in a truck accident, our legal team will fight to hold negligent parties accountable. Many times, the truck driver was negligent. But other times, the trucking company's negligence also played a role. At Mani Ellis & Layne, PLLC, our truck accident attorneys investigate trucking companies to find out what really happened.

When there's a truck accident, the trucking company will often send an investigator to the scene. The job of that investigator is to protect the interests of the trucking company. Evidence that makes the driver or trucking company look bad will be minimized or overlooked. Witnesses may be asked leading questions.

That's why we conduct our own investigation of the truck accident. There's evidence we want to see for ourselves, and we will do what it takes to get hit from the trucking company - sometimes by court order. For example, we want to see:

  • Hours of Service (HOS) Logs: Truck drivers must follow federal regulations for the amount of time they are allowed to spend behind the wheel. They must also take regular breaks. Drivers must keep a log of their hours of service to show they are following regulations. These logs may be written or captured by electronic logging devices.
  • Maintenance Records: Trucking companies have a responsibility to keep their trucks in good working order. They must perform regular maintenance of the trucks and repair any problems.
  • Employment records: Trucking companies must take steps to ensure their drivers have a clean safety record and are qualified to operate a truck. This involves conducting background checks of the drivers they hire.
  • Electronic Data: Most trucks are equipped with electronic control modules - sometimes called "black boxes" - that record information about speed, time driven, seat belt usage and air bag performance.

Trucking companies won't willingly share this information, because they are only interested in denying responsibility. That's why we take quick action to preserve evidence that is in their possession, before it is lost or destroyed.

We'll build a case for the compensation you deserve

We carefully review all the evidence we get from the trucking company. Our attorneys know where to look for signs of negligence and build the strongest case possible. In addition, we will talk to witnesses ourselves. And if needed, we will consult experts who can help us prove our case.

If you've been injured in a truck accident in West Virginia or Central Ohio, it's important to act fast. Contact us as soon as possible. We can take immediate steps to preserve evidence owned by the trucking company. And one of our accident attorneys can go over your options during a free consultation.

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