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Sexual Abuse in West Virginia Nursing Homes

Nursing home sexual abuse behind closed doors in WV

About West Virginia Elder Abuse

An experienced nursing home abuse attorney at our firm is fully familiar with the responsibilities of a nursing home to safeguard its residents. Precautions must be taken to ensure a visitor to the facility cannot take advantage of a resident. The facility needs to provide adequate supervision of both staff and residents to detect and prevent inappropriate touching, and other forms of sexual assault. Staff should be also alert to changes in behavior which may indicate that abuse has occurred.

People do not usually consider there could be any risk of sexual abuse happening in a nursing home filled with patients recovering from serious injuries or elderly residents suffering from a wide range of age related conditions. Yet each year there are a number of cases of sexual abuse reported. It is estimated that the majority of these cases remain unreported, just as in the outside world many victims of rape and sexual assault remain silent.

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Nursing homes have an obligation to provide a safe environment for their residents. When a resident has suffered sexual or physical abuse the facility has failed to uphold its responsibility and may be held liable. The management and staff must take steps to prevent a resident from targeting other residents. Background checks and adequate screening of prospective staff must be adequate to prevent a sexual predator from having access to vulnerable residents.

Visiting friends and family members need to be alert to any indications that their loved one is a victim of nursing home abuse as well as sexual abuse. Physical and sexual abuse can cause a decline in mental and physical health. If you suspect this has occurred, it is crucial that you take your concerns to a skilled nursing home abuse lawyer immediately. Contact an attorney our firm if you suspect your loved one has suffered nursing home abuse.