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Physical Abuse in West Virginia Nursing Homes

Physical abuse

Abuse in West Virginia Elder Care Centers

Too many families are horrified to discover that their beloved relative was actively abused by the very people who were supposed to provide proper care. Upon discovering that a loved one has lived with physical or sexual abuse you may be uncertain what steps to take. In talking with a West Virginia nursing home abuse attorney at Mani Ellis & Layne, PLLC, you can learn about your rights and options.

Physical abuse of another is a terrible experience under any conditions. Tragically, a number of our elderly population lives with this type of abuse on a daily basis. We assist our older loved ones who are not fully able to care for themselves to enter an assisted living facility or a nursing home, with the understanding that they will be treated with dignity and receive a higher quality of care than we can provide.

If your loved one is just starting to think about moving into a nursing home, learn how to pick the right West Virginia nursing home for you and gain secrets to keeping your loved one safe.

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Untrained and inexperienced nursing home staff members who do not know how to cope with the various types of behavior exhibited by physically incapacitated persons or elders suffering from age-related ailments are more likely to resort to the use of physical force to maintain control of a resident. Although it is horrifying, residents may be yelled at, pinched, slapped, pushed around, handled with unnecessary roughness, beaten, whipped, kicked and tied down with restraints for hours on end.

Because elderly residents of nursing homes are dependent upon the staff member for help and their basic needs, he or she may not talk about this type of treatment for fear of reprisals or may be unable to communicate due to their condition. If your loved one has given any indication of physical abuse listen carefully to everything that is said. This type of case requires immediate action on the part of a knowledgeable nursing home abuse lawyer.

Question your elder if you notice a change in attitude or behavior. An abused person may become withdrawn and fearful or may shout, swear, and exhibit aggressive or angry behavior. Our legal team is ready to take fast and effective action in this type of case. A nursing home abuse lawyer at our firm is determined to gain justice and ensure an abused resident receives full compensation for all injuries. Contact our firm if you or your loved one has been a victim of nursing home abuse.