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Any medical practitioner - whether a physician, surgeon, obstetrician, oncologist, nurse, anesthesiologist or other professional - is expected to administer treatment according to an accepted standard of care. When they breach that duty to their patient and provide treatment that is substandard, the results can be devastating. The medical malpractice attorneys at Mani Ellis & Layne, PLLC help victims get justice.

There are many different ways and circumstances under which medical malpractice can occur in a hospital, surgery center, emergency room, or any medical facility. This malpractice can lead to permanent injury, loss of life, and other severe consequences. Malpractice also carries a heavy financial cost for families. Medical expenses can be overwhelming, and you may be left unable to work.


Our law firm understands the challenges of these cases

These can be difficult cases to prove, as doctors and other medical professionals tend to support each other, even when they are wrong. This can create a situation in which it is necessary to engage the services of expert medical witnesses to assist in supporting the injury claim against the doctor, facility or other party that could be liable in the case.

We understand the process of filing a claim and how to best manage a case so that it has the best chance of a successful resolution. A claim of malpractice is often challenged, and the medical professional involved may try to prove that they made no error. In many cases, specific evidence has suddenly been lost, such as the recordings of a surgery or other evidence.

Our firm knows how these cases work and what to do to protect your rights. Our legal team conducts a thorough investigation to discover evidence of medical malpractice. We review all medical records and other relevant documents. We identify and interview witnesses. And we consult with medical experts who can determine when the standard of care was not met.

We handle a full range of malpractice cases

We have the legal skill and knowledge to handle many different types of medical malpractice cases, including those that involve:

  • Emergency room errors - Unfortunately, many harmful errors can occur in ERs due to overcrowding, understaffing and other issues.
  • Missed or delayed diagnoses - When a doctor fails to diagnose a condition, illness or disease such as cancer - even though reasonably detectable signs were present - a patient can suffer serious harm.
  • Birth injuries - Parents have a right to seek justice if their child suffered harm due to trauma or oxygen deprivation during labor and delivery. In some cases, a child may suffer cerebral palsy, Erb's palsy or other permanent conditions due to mistakes by health care providers.
  • Surgical errors - Devastating injuries can occur from surgeons operating on the wrong site, carelessly handling surgical instruments or leaving objects such as sponges inside patients.
  • Medication errors - Harm can readily result from a patient being given the wrong type or dosage of medication. A patient should also be fully informed of all potential side effects before being prescribed medication.
  • Hospital infection - Millions of patients suffer serious, life-threatening infections due to unsanitary hospital conditions and staff practices, including MRSA infections.

Here at Mani Ellis & Layne, PLLC, these types of cases are more than just business. Our clients are fellow West Virginians, and we take cases of medical malpractice personally. Regardless of what your situation may be, an attorney from our firm can evaluate your case to help you determine what can be done to pursue justice. Contact us today for a free consultation.


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