How to Choose the Best Personal Injury Lawyer in Columbus, Ohio

If you watch TV, you’ve likely seen hundreds of ads for personal injury lawyers. If you use the internet, you’ve probably seen hundreds more pop up on your screen. If you search for personal injury lawyers online, you will likely get a page full of search results that all sound the same. 

It is crucial to choose a personal injury lawyer who is experienced in handling cases similar to yours. 

Understand the Type of Cases the Personal Injury Lawyer Handles

It is important to understand what a “personal injury” is. Probably the most common type of personal injury case involves motor vehicle accidents, including cars, motorcycles, and trucks. Each of those categories involves unique issues that require a lawyer who understands how to handle that type of case. An accident involving an eighteen-wheeler is subject to state and federal transportation regulations that play a major role in those cases.

Other personal injury cases include “slip and fall” cases, which often happen at a store or restaurant, often due to conditions that the establishment should have been aware of and addressed. A lawyer who only handles car accident cases may not understand the obligations that are required of a business owner to maintain its premises in a safe condition for its customers.

Consider the Size of the Personal Injury Law Firm

If you remember the TV commercials and internet ads, you may recall that many firms distinguish themselves in two ways: 

  1. We are the biggest law firm in the region, so we have the most people on staff to work on your case. 
  2. We are a smaller firm that can give your personal injury case the individual attention that it needs.  

There is nothing wrong with either of these approaches. The size of the firm may not be the determining factor for you.  It is more important to be comfortable with the lawyer handling your case, regardless of the size of the firm backing his or her efforts. A FindLaw article summarizes some of the differences you may find among firms of different sizes.

Inquire About Complaints Against Personal Injury Lawyers

One of the first places you can look to verify your personal injury lawyer’s qualifications is to contact your state and local bar associations. When a bar association confers a license on a lawyer, it requires that an oath be taken to follow the bar’s rules and regulations regarding ethics and professional responsibility.  A client, another lawyer, or the bar association itself may file a complaint against a lawyer who doesn’t uphold these standards in representing clients or dealing with the court system.  

Many factors may figure into a complaint being filed against a lawyer.  Sometimes, a disgruntled client may file a complaint without legitimate grounds because he or she expected a million-dollar verdict when even half of that was highly unlikely.  One complaint may not be enough to take a lawyer off your list, especially if he or she has been practicing for a long time.

Issues to Raise When Speaking With a Personal Injury Lawyer

Ask personal injury lawyers about their years of experience not just practicing law but specifically handling personal injury cases like yours. 

Also, consider reputation—not just among clients but also in the legal community and even the community as a whole in which they live and practice. 

Discuss the ratio of cases won or settled to those without a positive outcome. This may just be a number, but it can still indicate whether a lawyer has the ability to prepare and take a personal injury case successfully to a settlement or a trial verdict. Some firms provide this information on their website.

Schedule a Free Consultation to Learn More About a Personal Injury Lawyer

All of the objective information found may be positive and support your interest in hiring a particular personal injury lawyer in Columbus, but it may not be the most important factor.  A good rapport with your lawyer can be just as important as his or her reputation and qualifications.  

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