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At Mani Ellis & Layne, PLLC, we've seen it happen many times. Someone was hurt in an accident that was somebody else's fault. Then that person faces an uphill battle to recover fair compensation. Drivers and big companies deny responsibility. Insurance companies try to pay as little as they possibly can. The person is left recovering from an injury, with mounting medical bills, and feeling helpless.

Our attorneys all turned to the law because we want to help level the playing field. Corporations and insurance companies have a team of investigators and lawyers looking out for their best interests. We look out for yours. We have years of experience taking them on and getting results for our clients.

We know the kind of impact an injury can have on your life. It can affect you physically, emotionally and financially. It can have an impact on your entire family. All you want is the compensation you rightfully deserve so you can focus on your recovery and move forward. That's what we are dedicated to getting for our clients.

We stand up for your rights

This is a confusing time for many people, and we know you may not be sure about what to do next. That's why we offer a free consultation. There's no pressure, and no obligation. We'll just talk about your case in a relaxed atmosphere. We want you to have the information you need to plan your next step.

Bring any documentation related to your accident, and one of our attorneys will review the details of your case. We'll go over your legal options, and what you can realistically expect. We will also answer any questions you have. We can meet you in our Charleston, West Virginia or Columbus, Ohio office, or anywhere else that is convenient for you - such as your home or hospital bed.

If you do choose us to represent you in a personal injury case, you owe us nothing unless we recover damages for you. Our firm works on a contingency fee basis. That means we pay the costs to move your case forward, no matter how long it takes. We only get paid if you get paid.

Learn more about how we can help you. Contact us to schedule your free consultation with one of our attorneys.

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