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After a serious injury such as those suffered in a car wreck or trucking accident, most people in Central Ohio or West Virginia are focusing on recovery or helping their loved one who has been hurt. However, it's important to retain a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. Recovering compensation is a complicated process. Mani Ellis & Layne, PLLC can help.

The ability to recover fair compensation will be based upon proving that another party was negligent. The evidence to support your claim must be obtained and preserved before too much time passes. Certain evidence can be lost, or an eyewitness can be more difficult to find as time passes. Memories can fade if a statement is not collected early enough.

Our team will take care of all the details in your case, and keep you informed every step of the way. This allows you to focus on recovering from your injury. Details we can assist you with include:

  • Obtaining and preserving evidence to prove negligence by the other party
  • Getting assistance from our professional independent accident investigators if needed
  • Consulting with financial experts to estimate all financial losses
  • Consulting with medical experts for an evaluation of the injuries sustained and the long-term consequences to the injured person
  • Interviewing witnesses to the accident to get information to support the injury case
  • Managing issues such as providing medical records
  • Negotiating with the insurance company or lawyers representing the firm
  • Preparing and submitting an insurance claim with detailed documentation supporting the claim
  • Working directly with our clients throughout the process, including answering their questions or concerns in plain language
  • Preparing for trial if necessary
  • Taking the case to court and presenting it to the jury in a manner that is professional and fully supported by evidence from all relevant sources

We take care of all of the critical details for you and we can manage every aspect of your case. Our team of personal injury lawyers will file a claim that reflects the real losses you are facing. If a family member has passed away, we file a wrongful death claim or lawsuit. We are ready to help you to fight for justice and help you recover every possible form of compensation.

Legitimate injury cases may be challenged by the insurance company in an effort to reduce the value of your claim. Most people do not have the knowledge about claims and the true value of an injury case. This is a situation the insurance companies use to exploit victims. People who try to resolve an injury claim without legal representation may sign a settlement that is far too low.

Don't take chances with such an important matter. Get a professional personal injury lawyer in Central Ohio or West Virginia who truly cares about you and your family. The difference in the final value of the recovery can be significant. We don't want you to be victimized by an insurance company that is not concerned about you or your future, but only their own corporate bottom line. We fight for the little guy and we won't back off. Contact us today. Your case will be in good hands.

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