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Technology For Safe Driving in West Virginia

West Virginia auto accident attorneysOur phones aren’t the only things getting smarter. The world is rapidly changing, with car safety technology being one area where this advance is especially visible. There are systems becoming standard in cars today that were exclusive add-ons just a few years ago, with some only invented recently.

To get a sense of how technology is keeping our roads safer today, KTBS talked to some dealerships about the cars on their lots.

Reducing Human Error

One dealer explained a number of features designed to keep drivers focused on the road and alert them to unseen dangers. He showed KTBS how to work the collision alert system, which gives drivers a warning if they get too close to a vehicle ahead of themselves without applying the brake.

The distance before an alert is adjustable, and the driver can choose between one, two, or three car lengths. Beyond that is the adaptive cruise control system, which notes the distance between itself and the car ahead and adjusts the vehicle’s speed to maintain that distance. This system will even adjust for another vehicle entering the lane by setting itself that same distance from the new vehicle.

This dealer also provided information on a system that provides "lane departure warnings," which works by reading the road through a camera behind the mirrors. If the driver begins to drift to the right or left of the road, it can alert him or her to return through a haptic alert system using vibrations in the seat to catch the driver’s attention. There’s also a "lane keep assist" system, which notices if the driver drifts left of center and puts tension on the steering wheel to encourage returning to his or her own lane.

Not only is the technology advancing, but it’s becoming more accessible. Another dealership explained that some features which were previously only available in a technology package are now coming standard on the base model of vehicles. The example noted was the "emergency forward braking" system now available on the Nissan Rogue S.

We encourage this progress and look forward to enjoying roads that grow safer with every model year. The primary responsibility for safe driving, however, still falls on the drivers themselves. These systems are tools, and they must be used properly. They cannot be treated as a replacement for sober and mindful driving.

Car accidents can still happen through human error, and when they do, victims deserve the right to hold drivers responsible and insurance companies accountable to pay fairly. If you or a loved one has been through the trauma of an accident, contact us today to learn how we can help.

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