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Attorney Bernie Layne Appears on Fox Business to Discuss West Virginia Chemical Spill

Our very own Attorney Bernie Layne recently made an appearance on Fox Business Network to share his insight on the recent West Virginia chemical spill. Attorney Layne was interviewed with one of our firm's clients, Frank Gonzalez. Mr. Gonzalez is the owner of a local restaurant in Charleston whose business was impacted by the chemical leak that emanated from Freedom Industries, Inc.

The interview began with a discussion of Freedom Industries' recent bankruptcy filing - a move that has caused considerable concern for the many local businesses owners who have suffered from the spill, water contamination, and businesses closures. Chapter 11 bankruptcy could potentially absolve Freedom Industries from having to pay the current lawsuits that have been filed against it, including the very first lawsuit filed by Mani Ellis & Layne, PLLC.

Frank Gonzalez, a restaurant owner being represented in the class-action suit filed by our firm, discussed the impact the spill took on his business and his employees. After having been told Thursday night to halt operations, Gonzalez's restaurant remained closed for five days. Products that were prepared for the weekend had to be donated and his employees were unable to work. Even when the restaurant resumed operations, Gonzalez had to serve customers bottled water, as well as use bottled water for cooking and cleaning. His restaurant has experienced great expenses as the result of the contamination.

Attorney Layne stated that because our legal team remained intimately involved with details about the chemical spill since the story broke on January 9th our firm knew that Freedom Industries' failures and negligence led to this preventable leak and the widespread impact on West Virginians. By acting as first responders and by filing the first lawsuit, our goals were to protect local business owners and employees who suffered losses through no fault of their own. As Freedom Industries retreats into bankruptcy, our fast filing can help our clients, who are considered unsecured creditors, recover the compensation they deserve.

If you are a business or restaurant owner who suffered damages as the result of the Freedom Industries chemical spill and would like to learn more about recovering your losses, call (888) 720-1001.

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