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Trucking Industry Looks to Recruit Teen Drivers

Truck drivers may not need a college degree, but high school graduates still have trouble getting into the industry right out of school. Those who do are limited in their scope of work until they hit 21 because of federal law. While many states allow people to get commercial licenses at 18, federal law prohibits...

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Tips on Sharing the Road with Trucks in West Virginia

Accidents involving trucks can be some of the most devastating events on the road. With the massive size and weight difference between a passenger vehicle and a loaded truck, any collision between them has a strong chance of doing a large amount of damage. Thankfully, the number of total fatalities involving freight transport has decreased...

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Technology For Safe Driving in West Virginia

Our phones aren’t the only things getting smarter. The world is rapidly changing, with car safety technology being one area where this advance is especially visible. There are systems becoming standard in cars today that were exclusive add-ons just a few years ago, with some only invented recently. To get a sense of how technology...

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Fatal Auto Accidents Are Far Too Common On West Virginia Roads

While final statistics for 2017 are not yet available, the numbers we have show a disturbing trend: West Virginia's roads see significantly more fatal crashes than the national average. As the Charleston Gazette-Mail recently reported, 242 people died in West Virginia car accidents as of late November 2017. The fatality rate in West Virginia was...

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