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Tips on Sharing the Road with Trucks in West Virginia

Accidents involving trucks can be some of the most devastating events on the road. With the massive size and weight difference between a passenger vehicle and a loaded truck, any collision between them has a strong chance of doing a large amount of damage. Thankfully, the number of total fatalities involving freight transport has decreased...

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Technology For Safe Driving in West Virginia

Our phones aren’t the only things getting smarter. The world is rapidly changing, with car safety technology being one area where this advance is especially visible. There are systems becoming standard in cars today that were exclusive add-ons just a few years ago, with some only invented recently. To get a sense of how technology...

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Law Firm: Injury Victims Would Suffer Under Proposed Intermediate Court

CHARLESTON (February 13, 2018) – A proposed intermediate appeals court for the state of West Virginia would benefit big businesses over the rights of injured victims, according to attorneys at the law firm Mani Ellis & Layne, PLLC. “This is just another way for corporations to avoid taking responsibility when people are hurt,” said attorney...

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Fatal Auto Accidents Are Far Too Common On West Virginia Roads

While final statistics for 2017 are not yet available, the numbers we have show a disturbing trend: West Virginia's roads see significantly more fatal crashes than the national average. As the Charleston Gazette-Mail recently reported, 242 people died in West Virginia car accidents as of late November 2017. The fatality rate in West Virginia was...

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What You Should Expect During a Free Consultation About Your Car Accident

Car accidents occur suddenly - when you least expect it. In the aftermath, drivers commonly experience a sense of shock or confusion over exactly what happened, or they have difficulty comprehending the severity of the injuries or property damages they suffered. This is where a West Virginia car accident lawyer can help. Why Do You...

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Eight Things You Should Know About Car Accident Insurance

Liability car insurance protects drivers and passengers from paying car repair bills, medical bills and other large expenses if they cause a car accident. If you own a car in West Virginia, you must carry liability insurance. This insurance policy will compensate any individuals who suffer personal injury or property damage in a crash caused...

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Should Video Cameras Be Allowed in West Virginia Nursing Homes?

Whether an adult child should be allowed to install a video camera or other recording device in the room of his or her parent's nursing home room still remains an unsettled and fairly controversial question in West Virginia and throughout most of the country. Currently, only five states have laws that expressly allow and regulate...


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