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People are injured by defective products every year. Many of these injuries are life-changing and the cost of medical treatment can add up quickly. The product liability lawyers at Mani Ellis & Layne, PLLC help victims injured by defective products take legal action against large corporations to recover financial compensation.

When a commercial product is put onto the market, we as consumers expect that it will function correctly when the directions are followed. But there are a great number of products that, once on the market, are found to be extremely dangerous to consumers. Some products end up being recalled and pulled from the shelves because they are so dangerous.

Many of these cases involve children's toys and furniture. For example, past cases have involved strangulation from unsafe blinds and baby deaths from cribs that were poorly designed or manufactured. Other types of defective product claims include defective auto parts, cars, trucks, tools and hundreds of other commercial products that have caused injury or harm to consumers.

We know how to hold negligent manufacturers accountable

The manufacturers of defective products are often large corporations that won't accept responsibility. Their high-powered attorneys may even try to blame the consumer. And their insurance companies will stick by them, because their main interest is in paying you as little as possible - preferably nothing, if they can get away with it.

Our firm levels the playing field and helps you pursue justice. Our product liability attorneys are well-qualified to fight your case in court against any high powered corporate defense lawyer. We know trial law and how to present a persuasive, well documented case in order to achieve a verdict and compensation for our clients that is fair.

Our team works hard to identify every liable party

In defective product cases, the liability is usually far-reaching. This means that everyone from the original designer of the product to the manufacturer and anyone along the distribution line can be held liable. Part of the difficulty with these cases lies in determining who is responsible for your specific injuries and finding the evidence you need to hold them accountable.

Our legal team knows where to look for evidence that proves negligence. Our attorneys build a strong case that can't be ignored - by reading through documents, interviewing witnesses and consulting experts. We fight to help you recover the financial compensation you deserve. We have achieved many successful outcomes for clients through negotiated settlements and court proceedings.

If you or a loved one was injured after using a defective product, learn more about your legal rights. Contact our Central Ohio law firm for a free consultation with one of our skilled attorneys.

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