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What Are the Most Dangerous Intersections in Central Ohio?

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Busy intersections are the site of many car accidents that can leave people with serious injuries that are sometimes fatal.

In April, a woman was killed in a collision with a semi-truck at the intersection of US-23 and Lewis Center Road. According to the Ohio State Highway Patrol, she had been making a left turn at the intersection when the truck ran a red light.

A map provided by the Highway Patrol showed that as of April, there had been 23 crashes within 100 feet of that intersection since 2019, ranging from property damage to serious injury.

Running red lights, speeding cited as problems

A local resident who lives near the crash site has raised concerns about the intersection, saying he frequently sees drivers running red lights and speeding.

“I think anybody who’s from this area knows we’ve seen an increase in volume of traffic and the speed limit in the area, in my opinion, is a little too high,” said Tom Engberg. “There are a lot of people going through here. Family friends, neighbors, and it’s just become a dangerous intersection, and I don’t think it’s going to get any safer.”

According to the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT), before the pandemic about 55,000 vehicles passed through the intersection each day. ODOT said engineers found the signal operation at the intersection was reviewed and found to be working properly. But they noted that the area was not flagged as a high-crash location and was not being studied.

So which intersections are being studied?

According to ODOT, there are 30 areas in Central Ohio that are on the Governor’s List of 150 Dangerous Intersections in the state being monitored for crash trends. Those areas are:

Delaware County

  • SR-61 at SR-656
  • US-36 (Delaware-Sunbury Rd) at Wilson Rd
  • US-36 (Marysville Rd) at SR-257
  • US-36 at CR 605
  • US-36 (Delaware-Sunbury Rd) at Galena Rd
  • US-23 (Columbus Pike) at SR-750
  • SR-315 at TR-127 (Jewett Rd)

Franklin County

  • SR-161 (E Dublin-Granville Rd) at CR-75 (Cleveland Ave)
  • SR-317 (S Hamilton Rd) at CR-15 (E Livingston Ave)
  • SR-16 (E Broad St) at CR-177 (N James Rd)
  • SR-161 (E Dublin-Granville Rd) at MR-1300L (Maple Canyon Ave)
  • SR-16 (E Broad St) at CR-6 (Reynoldsburg-New Alban Rd)
  • SR-16 (E Broad St) at CR-104 (Mc Naughten Rd)
  • SR-161 (E Dublin-Granville Rd) at CR-76 (Karl Rd)
  • SR-3 (Westerville Rd) at CR-17 (Morse Rd)
  • SR-3 (Cleveland Ave) at CR-93 (E Hudson St)
  • US-40 (E Main St) at SR-317 (S Hamilton Rd)
  • SR-16 (E Broad St) at SR-317 (S Hamilton Rd)
  • US-23D (3Rd St) at US-33
  • US-23 (Portsmouth-Columbus Rd) at CR-121 (Rathmell Rd)
  • US-40R (W Broad St) at CR-25 (Wilson Rd)
  • SR-16 (E Broad St) at CR-208 (Taylor Station Rd)
  • SR-3 (Westerville Rd) at TR-1426 (Albert Ave)
  • US-40 (W Broad St) at TR-1879 (Murry Hill Rd)
  • US-40 (W Broad St) at CR-26 (Georgesville Rd)
  • SR-16R (E Broad St) at MR-OUTERBELT (Outerbelt)

Morrow County

  • SR-97 at SR-314 (Chesterville-Shelby Rd)

Marion County

  • SR-98 (Columbus-Sandusky Rd S) at SR-529 (Marion-Cardington Rd E)
  • SR-423 (Marion-Waldo Rd) at CR-138 (Barks Rd W)

Madison County

  • SR-29 at SR-38

Our car accident attorneys fight for crash victims in Columbus, OH

It only takes one negligent driver to cause an intersection accident. A driver may have been speeding or tried to beat a red light. Many of these crashes happen when a driver is trying to make a left turn. Some drivers were distracted by their phones (texting) or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

The result is a collision that leaves people seriously hurt. Medical expenses can add up quickly and victims start feeling financial stress. But negligent drivers deny doing anything wrong and insurance companies find ways to try to pay as little money as possible so they can protect their profits.

If you were hurt in an intersection accident in Columbus or anywhere in Central Ohio, it’s important to get legal advice as soon as possible. The lawyers at Mani Ellis & Layne, PLLC are ready to help. Contact us to schedule a free consultation at our Columbus office.

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