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Say NO to Intermediate Court of Appeals in West Virginia

State lawmakers have introduced a bill (Senate Bill 275) to create an Intermediate Court of Appeals (also known as the Intermediate Appellate Court). The bill passed the Senate on February 10 and is now with the House.

The Intermediate Court of Appeals has the power to review and overturn judgments made in a trial court. West Virginia is one of the few states that doesn't have an intermediate appellate court. In addition, total appeals have dropped by nearly 70 percent (4 times the national average) within the last 20 years.

Watch this video from the West Virginia Consumer Protection Alliance:

If such a court is established in our state, it could hurt the clients we represent. Not only does it put our clients at risk of losing compensation, but it also makes the litigation process longer and more expensive.

Our state doesn't need an intermediate appellate court. The tax revenue in West Virginia is currently limited. Our state can't afford to establish an intermediate appellate court when our roads, infrastructure, schools, and state services four our seniors and veterans have been neglected.

Tell West Virginia lawmakers that you don't want them to waste taxpayer money on the Intermediate Court of Appeals by filling out the petition.

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