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New Ohio Traffic Projects Include Multiple Roundabouts

Overhead view of a white car using a roundabout in Ohio.

Will these roadway improvement projects help prevent serious and fatal car accidents?

About two dozen new roundabouts are among 50 traffic projects planned for the state of Ohio, Governor Mike DeWine and Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) Director Dr. Jack Marchbanks have announced.

"A top priority of my administration has been making travel in our state safer – particularly at Ohio intersections that are known to be dangerous," said Governor DeWine. "Studies show that roundabouts significantly reduce the likelihood of serious or deadly intersection crashes, so we're investing in these projects today to save lives in the future."

Roundabouts are spreading throughout Ohio.

From 2017 to 2021, there were six deaths at roundabouts in the state, compared to 1,126 at signalized or stop-controlled intersections, according to the ODOT.

As of last year, there were 72 roundabouts in Franklin County on roads maintained by ODOT, up from only 12 in 2004. There are another nine that are maintained by the county. In addition, several more roundabouts are under construction or are planned.

Delaware County has 35 roundabouts. Rob Riley, the chief deputy engineer for the county, says installing a roundabout is considered whenever an intersection needs maintenance or repair.

According to ODOT, roundabouts are safer because there are only eight conflict points at roundabouts, compared to 32 at a traditional intersection.

Agencies see increased safety.

Studies from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) have found that when roundabouts are installed at two-way stop intersections, there are 44% fewer crashes, and severe injury and fatal crashes are reduced by nearly 90%. In addition, when roundabouts replaced a traffic signal, FHWA found there were 48% fewer crashes, and severe injury and fatal crashes were reduced by nearly 80%.

"Roundabouts save lives. They reduce severe crashes, move traffic more efficiently, and are cheaper to maintain than signalized intersections," said Marchbanks.

In all, $121 million will be spent across 31 counties on the new traffic projects, including safer pedestrian crossings, traffic signal upgrades, and turning lane improvements.

Projects in Franklin County include:

  • County Road 256 – Widen the Gantz Road bridge to construct a shared-use path over Interstate 270 in Columbus.
  • SR 674 – Install sidewalk and reconfigure the US 33 ramp for pedestrian travel across the interchange in Canal Winchester.
  • SR 161 - Intersection and drive improvements at Busch Boulevard in Columbus.

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