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Restaurant Owners Hesitant About Using Tap, Rely on Bottled Water

With recent news about the presence of formaldehyde in the water supply, West Virginians have yet another reason to be concerned. This is in addition to the 10,000 gallons of chemicals that leaked from Freedom industries, Inc. - including the coal processing chemical MCHM and newly discovered chemical PPH. It comes as no surprise then, that many restaurant and business owners throughout the state are still hesitant about using tap water.

Although the mandatory nine-county water ban was recently lifted, many West Virginians still remain wary about using tap water. For restaurant owners, these concerns have real consequences. Many eateries, for example, are still opting to use bottled water when cooking and serving. For them, it is a matter of not taking chances - a duty they believe they owe to their customers.

Income Loss, Extra Expense

While this is a commendable duty, it is also one that creates extra burdens. From the mandatory closures, many restaurant owners and employees have already suffered significant losses. Even after they opened their doors, fewer customers and the need to use bottled water have slashed profits while creating additional expenses. The losses are significant, and they impact many West Virginian families who depend on income from these restaurants.

For most, concerns about using tap water stem from the presence of unknown chemicals. For others, concerns may also be influenced by the number of new developments highlighting inaccurate reporting of crucial details and frightening new developments in the spill saga. This includes Freedom Industries' revised estimate that 10,000 gallons of chemicals - rather than 7,500 gallons - leaked from the facility and the recent discovery of the presence of formaldehyde in the water supply. West Virginians' skepticism is well warranted.

Helping West Virginians Recover Their Losses

At Mani Ellis & Layne, PLLC, we are passionate about protecting the rights of those affected by the West Virginia chemical spill. We know that when we represent restaurant owners, we also represent their employees, and ultimately the families that depend on their income. Our efforts to help our clients obtain justice and compensation for their losses are fueled by this idea. For our legal team, It's Not Just Business. It's Personal.

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