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Nursing Homes Medication Errors in Charleston

Medical errors in WV

The Dangers of Medications

Not everyone is aware of the dangers of medications. The possible deadly side-effects of these toxic substances are thoroughly understood by trained nurses and physicians. They know the dangers of administering too much medication, and that life threatening injuries can result from the interactions of toxic chemicals. Many nursing home residents are already in a fragile physical condition which means that special care must be taken in prescribing medicines and administering carefully measured doses at the recommended times.

How to Legally Address Nursing Home Abuse

An experienced nursing home abuse attorney in West Virginia has the skill and dedication to file a claim and fight for fair compensation in medication errors causing injury or death from:

  • Over dose of a medication
  • Dehydration or other physical condition caused by a failure to provide enough water with prescribed medication
  • Medication administered via the wrong route, for example administered orally instead of rectally
  • Crushing a medication before administering which is supposed to be time released
  • Medication administered which is contraindicated
  • Medication administered despite the existence of a known allergy to that medication
  • Medication not administered at all
  • Medication not given at the prescribed time or in the prescribed manner (on an empty stomach or with food)
  • Administering medications known to have dangerous interaction
  • Other injurious medication mistakes

Nursing homes and assisted living facilities may be understaffed or simply disorganized. Regardless of their organizational problems lives depend upon their professional standards. The legal team at Mani Ellis & Layne, PLLC is dedicated to raising the standards of care and reducing nursing home abuse through the one thing that causes corporations to step up and take notice. A nursing home abuse lawyer at our firm insists upon the maximum compensation for our clients who are victims of neglect and families who have lost a loved one, and will strive to provide the best legal representation possible.

Learn how to spot the signs of nursing home abuse and how to report it.