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Nursing Home Abandonment Claims in West Virginia


Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer in West Virginia

A resident in a nursing home or any residential care facility is there for a reason. They need professional supervision and care. This could range from help with having balanced meals and ensuring the correct medications are taken at the right times to full time nursing care for a bed-ridden patient. These establishments have an obligation to provide the appropriate level of care to each resident. Leaving a resident’s needs unattended is abandonment. It is nursing home neglect and abuse. A victim of abandonment needs the high quality legal representation provided by a lawyer who is passionate about justice and enforcing proper care and treatment for older adults.

Filing a Claim for Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

Nursing homes and assisted living facilities promise to attend to the medical, nutritional and personal needs of each resident. Too many of these facilities offer low pay and enforce such long working hours on their staff members. In many cases, the highly trained professionals go elsewhere for jobs and staff turnover is high. Inexperienced, untrained staff does not have the understanding and skills to patiently see to the needs of all residents , especially those who are physically delicate, unable to communicate or suffering from dementia. As a result, patients may be unnecessarily physically restrained, subjected to medical restraint (over-medication) , sequestered, punished, ignored, miss meals and left for long periods in soiled clothing or diapers with no attention or care.

Nursing home facilities should have a care and treatment plan for every resident which is rigidly adhered to. Nurses must regularly visit every resident to ensure all needs are being met and there is no lack of proper care. When these standards are not met, you need a nursing home abuse attorney on your side who is dedicated to eradicating abusive treatment of the elderly. Abandonment is abuse. Contact Mani Ellis & Layne, PLLC for assistance with your claim for damages.