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Legal Team at Mani, Ellis & Layne Gives Water to West Virginians in Need

Thursday's chemical leak at Freedom Industries, Inc. ultimately impacted more than 300,000 West Virginians in nine counties. Numerous individuals, families, and local businesses were ordered to not drink or use water as a precautionary measure from the chemical spill, which had made its way down the Elk River toward a water treatment facility. Since the water ban was issued on Thursday, residents ran to stores and shops throughout the region to purchase water and other supplies. Some were still without water.

Fortunately, federal officials from FEMA, as well as local and state agencies, have been providing water to residents in the nine counties. At Mani Ellis & Layne, PLLC, our very own West Virginia lawyers - who were the first to file a lawsuit against Freedom Industries - did their part in giving back to the local community as well. This past weekend, our legal team purchased 250 cases of water and passed them out to local residents who drove by on Virginia Street in downtown Charleston.

Attorney Jon Mani - one of our firm's founding partners - stated that while our firm will fight passionately on behalf of clients as the lawsuit progresses, they also wanted to do something more immediate and make an impact early on. Our legal team went the extra mile to ensure that members of the community have the water they need, just as we continually go the extra mile for the individuals, families, and businesses we represent.

View our team handing out cases of water on the video below, and learn more about the chemical leak and lawsuit here.

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