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Zoloft Birth Defects: Nineteen People File a Lawsuit in WV

The Zoloft drug has become a well discussed drug over the past few years. The many claims of the disastrous side effects this drug can have on the patients are causing great fear among many who have taken it. Zoloft in its official term is called sertraline hydrochloride, and is used as an anti-depressant as well as a prescription for those who struggle with compulsive or obsessive disorders. Both children and adults have been known to take this medication as a way to help a variety of social anxiety disorders that may affect an individual's daily life.

Last month, 19 plaintiffs filed a lawsuit against Zoloft claiming that this drug is the cause of birth defects in their children. The document claims specifically that the prescription lead to indigestion of the antidepressant, and during the time of the pregnancy it then poorly effected the children in the womb as a result. This drug has been on the market now for two decades, and at the time was a hot ticket for people suffering from various levels of depression. Unfortunately after years of patients taking the drug, and more research being done, the scientists started to realize a strong connection between a specific ingredient in the medication which may lead to an increased risk for heart, brain, lung and a variety of other birth defect when taken by woman who is pregnant.

The nineteen woman who are taking part of this specific West Virginia lawsuit are all claiming that their children are suffering from one if not multiple birth defects as a result of this medication. This claim is specifically addressing the issue that the manufacturing company was very aware of the dangers of this drug and yet took no steps to warn either the physicians or the patients who were pregnant. These women are seeking financial compensation from this company because it is likely that their children will not only need multiple surgeries initially, but they may likely be dependent on treatments for the remainder of their lives as a result of this drug.

Studies over the past six years have been discovering the extreme side effects and dangers of this anti-depressant, Zoloft. Back in 2006, researchers were discovering the likelihood of woman who was on the drug when pregnant that their children were at a higher risk of heart and circulation disorders. Now, six years later, the studies are showing that around 230,000 babies who are born while being exposed to this drug are facing serious medical problems. No woman who suffers from depression should have to fear that her child may one day be injured as a result of the medication that she was on; these mothers have a right to know that by taking an antidepressant during pregnancy may cause severe damages.

Unfortunately for the many thousands of people, they received no such notification, and no their babies will likely have to receive medical attention for the rest of their lives. Have you or a loved one taken Zoloft or another dangerous drug that had poor side effects, such as birth defects in your child? Contact Mani Ellis & Layne, PLLC today for a lawyer that can represent you in this difficult time. No person should ever have to worry that the drug they are taking has side effects that weren't disclosed. Pregnant woman are not only caring for their own bodies but also for the life of another, and doctors and the pharmaceutical companies ought to do what they can to protect those lives of the little ones who can't defend themselves. Contact our office today for more information regarding your case, we want to help you!

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