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Warning Signs of Nursing Home Neglect

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Nursing home neglect cases can cause serious harm to people living in nursing homes. That’s why it’s important to know what to look for if you suspect nursing home abuse or neglect. Otherwise, a family member or loved one could sustain a serious injury or illness due to not receiving the care and attention they rightfully deserve.

Our experienced Columbus nursing home neglect attorneys at Mani Ellis & Layne, PLLC, know exactly what to look for in these cases. That’s why we have such a strong track record of success. Our lawyers know what evidence to look for when investigating these claims. We frequently consult with experts, if necessary, and we will not back down just because a nursing home claims nothing happened. We dig deeper for the truth at Mani Ellis & Layne, PLLC.

What are the warning signs of nursing home neglect?

There are many warning signs that may indicate that a family member living in a nursing home is being neglected, including:

You know your loved one best. If something seems wrong, start asking questions. Ask your family member how they’re being treated. Pay close attention to their surroundings. Does the nursing home look dirty? Do fellow residents look unkempt or sick? Trust your instincts. If something doesn’t seem right, talk to a supervisor at the nursing home or simply contact our law firm to discuss your concerns. We’re here to help your family demand justice.

What makes nursing home neglect cases so complicated?

Many nursing home neglect cases might seem straightforward at first. This is especially true if the nursing home seems to be responding to your concerns. These cases often turn out to be extremely complicated for many different reasons, including:

  • The nursing home denies neglecting your loved one.
  • The nursing home insists your loved one’s injury or illness could not be prevented.
  • The nursing home appears cooperative at first, but then refuses to respond to concerns.
  • The nursing home destroys evidence related to your nursing home neglect case.
  • Your family member living in the nursing home is afraid to talk about what’s happening.
  • The nursing home’s insurance company or attorneys do everything they can to deny your nursing home neglect claim.

The stakes are high when it comes to many nursing home neglect claims. Nursing homes know this. That’s why their attorneys and insurance companies often do everything they can to deny claims.

We can fight back for you. We know the games insurance companies, nursing homes and their lawyers often play. As your attorney, we can build the strongest possible legal case for your family. Our goal is to obtain the maximum financial compensation for your family, whether we negotiate a settlement offer on your behalf or fight for a jury verdict in court. We’re prepared to go the distance for you.

Pay close attention. If something seems wrong, contact our Columbus law firm.

The clock is running when it comes to many nursing home neglect claims. In many cases, you only have three years from when the neglect took place to file a nursing home neglect lawsuit in Ohio. This deadline is known as the statute of limitations. Three years might seem like a long time, but the longer you wait, the more your loved one might suffer. The evidence you need to win your case could become harder to find.

Put the power of a dedicated Central Ohio nursing home neglect lawyer to work for you. Contact Mani Ellis & Layne, PLLC and schedule your free case evaluation today. We have the knowledge, the experience and the passion you need to win your case.

Unexplained weight loss

One of the most common warning signs of nursing home neglect is unexplained weight loss. If your loved one is not being given enough food or water, they might start rapidly losing weight. Another cause of their unhealthy weight loss could be diarrhea due to unsanitary conditions or an infection. Either way, their health and well-being could be at risk. In many cases, your loved one is likely not the only nursing home resident with severe health problems due to malnutrition or dehydration. That’s why it’s important to take action fast for their sake.

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Unexplained medical problems

If your loved one suddenly has a serious health problem for no apparent reason, it could be a warning sign of nursing home neglect. Whether it is medical complications caused by medication errors, fainting spells caused by malnutrition or severe infections due to unsanitary conditions, your family member’s health and well-being could be in jeopardy. As your attorney, we can investigate these claims on your family’s behalf and demand justice for your loved one.

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Sudden mood changes

Whether it’s crying for no apparent reason or a sudden bout of depression, your family member’s mood changes may be due to nursing home neglect. Another tell-tale sign is nursing home residents who sleep more than usual and rarely leave their bed. This could be due to a medication error or not being fed enough food by staff members. Whatever the cause, pay attention to your loved one’s moods and take action if you suspect something’s wrong.

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Unsanitary conditions

Nursing homes need to regularly clean public areas, bathrooms and residents’ bedding. Otherwise, life-threatening infections can occur and cause serious health problems with long-term effects. If you notice these conditions, try to take a picture if possible and tell a nursing home supervisor about your concerns. Also, make sure your loved one gets proper medical care if they appear to have an infection or another health problem caused by unsanitary conditions.

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Visits restricted

When nursing homes neglect residents, one of the ways they try to hide this mistreatment is by restricting visits by family members and friends. This should be a red flag that something serious may be wrong. If the nursing home suddenly claims you are not allowed to visit or talk with your loved one, demand to know the reason why. Then contact our law firm. We know how to investigate these allegations and we can demand justice for your family.

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