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New Developments Reveal West Virginia Chemical Leak Worse Than Initially Reported

In the span of roughly a week, several new developments have come to light regarding the chemical leak that emanated from the Freedom Industries facility on Thursday, January 9. Many of these developments have revealed that the chemical spill was worse than initially reported by Freedom Industries.

Some of these important new developments include:

  • 10,000 gallons of chemicals leaked from the facility. Freedom Industries had originally reported 7,500 gallons.
  • A second chemical - known as PPH - was found to have leaked into the water. 300 gallons of PPH was held in the same storage tank discovered leaking at Freedom Industries.
  • Federal officials discovered formaldehyde. The chemical that leaked into the water supply can break down into formaldehyde, according to the Environment Quality Board. West Virginians may be breathing in traces of formaldehyde when showering. Formaldehyde is a known carcinogen and is most toxic when inhaled. The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is questioning whether the formaldehyde found in the tap water is connected to the spill and the state health department is planning to investigate further.
  • Freedom Industries ordered to remove tanks. Governor Earl Ray Tomblin ordered Freedom Industries to remove all above-ground storage containers from their facility. Freedom has already been ordered to remove nearly one million gallons of chemicals from the plant.

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These and other developments highlight not only the failures of Freedom Industries to address the causes of this preventable spill, but also their continued failures to provide vital, accurate information to the public. Their negligence and their continued inability to protect public safety are the main reasons why so many West Virginians have suffered losses in the wake of this needless tragedy.

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