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Influx of West Virginian's Water Bottles Creates Need for More Recycling Centers

It has been nearly a month since the chemical leak was discovered at Freedom Industries. During that time, residents and businesses throughout the state were forced to use bottled water for nearly all of their needs. Although the water ban that soon followed the spill has been lifted, thousands of West Virginians are still relying on bottled water, including numerous restaurant owners for whom bottled water has become a considerable cost.

With the consumption of bottled water reaching staggering proportions, there has been an increasing need for more recycling centers. Just yesterday - Tuesday, February 5th - the Kanawha County Solid Waste Authority announced four Charleston locations where local residents can drop off empty bottles:

  • Marmet Recreation Center
  • Cross Lanes United Methodist Church
  • Sissonville Foodland
  • Clendenin Town Hall

Plastic bottles can also be recycled at West Virginia Recycling Services in Charleston. Drop off locations have become a necessity for industrial recycling centers that have become inundated by the high volume of water bottles. According to an official from the Kanawha County Solid Waste Authority, many centers have been overwhelmed by the influx. Some have estimated that the number of bottles being recycled is well into the millions.

Waste management and county officials will continue to work together to manage the increase in recyclables, especially as many residents and business owners still remain hesitant about using tap water. A lack of trust in public safety officials has been expressed by West Virginians throughout the state, and the high volume of plastic bottles at recycling centers is expected to continue.

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