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Cellphone Towers Collapse in Clarksburg, Three Killed

Local law enforcement officers have identified three victims who were killed when two cellphone towers collapsed in Clarksburg on Saturday. The victims included two workers and a responding firefighter, according to a press release from state police. The incident began when four workers were performing repairs on a 300-foot tall cellphone tower in Summit Park....

Category: Wrongful Death

West Virginia Residents Urged to Check Their Smoke Detectors

Fall is in the air. The sky is clear, the air is crisp and the nights are getting progressively colder. We are likely only weeks away from our first morning frost and snow flurry. Many people rely upon portable ceramic or electric space heaters to provide additional warmth in the cold Fall and Winter months....

West Virginia's Bridge Day Parachute Jumper Seriously Hurt

West Virginia celebrates Bridge Day, which it describes as, "What's wilder, what's more wonderful, than jumping off one of the largest bridges in the world? The people of the Mountain State can celebrate like few others can." The event is the "largest extreme sports event in the world," drawing hundreds of BASE jumpers and up...

Wrongful Death in Charleston

Wrongful deaths can occur any day, in any place. A wrongful death is a claim against a person/company who can be held liable for a loved one's death. The claim is brought in civil action by a deceased individual's relatives. Some wrongful death cases garner more attention, and others do not get the attention they...

Category: Wrongful Death

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