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West Virginia ranks as 8th worst state for distracted driving in a recent study

Personal finance website MoneyGeek recently ranked the top 25 worst states in the U.S. for distracted driving fatalities per billion miles traveled. Each state was ranked using crash data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). West Virginia ranked the eighth-worst state in the nation for distracted driving. Our state had approximately 54 deaths...

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Feds plan to study large truck accidents

Truck crashes can lead to devastating injuries and loss of life due to the massive size of the vehicles involved. More than 15 years ago, a large-scale study found the vast majority of crashes were associated with a driver’s action or inaction. Technology has evolved at a rapid pace since that study by the Federal...

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Say NO to Intermediate Court of Appeals in West Virginia

State lawmakers have introduced a bill (Senate Bill 275) to create an Intermediate Court of Appeals (also known as the Intermediate Appellate Court). The bill passed the Senate on February 10 and is now with the House. The Intermediate Court of Appeals has the power to review and overturn judgments made in a trial court....

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Unexpected snowstorm causes several West Virginia truck accidents this week

When winter weather strikes, it can be catastrophic on congested West Virginia roads shared by both cars and large trucks. Adding to the risk, the Mountain State's frequent curves and steep hills can cause drivers to lose control — especially those who operate big rigs. The most common cause of winter crashes is driving too fast...

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How to stay safe around erratic truck drivers

Whether you're traveling interstates 64 and 77, or other major roadways throughout the Charleston area, you likely share the road with large commercial trucks. Typically, big rigs don't pose any serious risk to drivers of smaller passenger cars. That's because many truck drivers have gone through extensive training. They've gained the experience needed to operate...

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Which West Virginia Highways Are The Deadliest?

If you search for West Virginia's interstates under Google news, you'll likely see results riddled with stories about serious and fatal crashes. According to state data from 2006-2010: 290 deaths occurred on interstates and expressways 843 deaths occurred on arterial roads (high-capacity urban roads) 490 deaths occurred on collector roads (connecting traffic from local streets with...

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Congress might require automatic emergency brakes on big trucks and buses

Two years ago, nearly 5,000 big-rig trucks and buses were involved in fatal crashes, a 10 percent increase over the previous year, prompting the U.S. Congress to seek a solution through technology. The Safe Roads Act of 2019 would require that automatic emergency brakes be standard in all new commercial motor vehicles, according to Safety+Health magazine....

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West Virginia attorneys warn of an emerging risk of Candida auris infection in nursing homes

Ever hear of Candida auris (C. auris)? If not, you might want to start paying attention, especially if you have a loved one living in a nursing home or who is undergoing long-term hospital care. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) defines C. auris as a "highly contagious drug-resistant fungus" that poses a serious...

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Federal Hour-of-Service Regs for Truckers May Soon Be Relaxed. Here's What You Need to Know.

Let's face it. Commercial truck drivers are at a great risk of getting drowsy behind the wheel. They spend more time traveling West Virginia roads than most other drivers. When one of these massive vehicles careens out of control, lives are put at stake. Those who survive truck crashes often sustain serious injuries, some of which...

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Are deadly truck accidents on the rise?

Many drivers might see a big rig on a West Virginia highway without thinking much about the consequences of a collision. What would happen if the trucker was texting or otherwise distracted? What would happen if the truck company hired a driver who had a history of accidents or traffic violations? Any of these factors...

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