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Follow these Tips for a Safe and Happy Halloween

As the leaves begin to fall, and the days get shorter, children and adults alike look forward to Halloween. Some families go all out by dressing in spooky costumes and ghoulish get-ups (although clown costumes might be frowned up on this year). Others simply celebrate the centuries-old harvest season. Either way, these fall celebrations are...

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Winter Slip and Fall Accidents in West Virginia

Winter in Charleston, West Virginia, means plenty of freezing temperatures, icy conditions and cold, snowy weather. This weather can create chaos in terms of getting from one place to another, resulting in an increased danger for all types of accidents and injuries, including slip and fall accidents. While road and traffic hazards tend to be...

Category: Personal Injury

Thanksgiving Safety Tips

Thanksgiving is all about family. People travel both near and far to spend time with loved ones, catch up on the events of the past year, maybe watch some football and, of course, eat. These are among the reasons why Thanksgiving is such a cherished American tradition and an excellent way to usher in the...

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Don’t Get Burned by Your Gas Grill

Nearly everyone has a gas grill on their back patio these days. Grilling - especially on a summer night - can be a fun and convenient way to cook a meal and relax with family and friends. Most people in West Virginia don't even think twice about the potential dangers involved with it. However, all...

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Slip and Fall Recovery for Elders

As people age their bones become more fragile, their health can deteriorate and their bodies tend to become more susceptible to injury. Preventing a fall is not as easy for an older adult, as the body is less flexible, problems with balance can develop, and reflexes are slower. Recovering from a slip and fall injury...

Category: Personal Injury

Mining Deaths on the Rise, Says Mine Safety and Health Report

On Monday July 28, 2014, the U.S. Department of Labor's Mine Safety and Health Administration released its mid-year summary of fatal accidents in the mining industry. According to the report, mining deaths in the first half of 2014 have increased compared to the same period last year. Statistics from the Mine Safety and Health report...

West Virginia Authorities Continue to Enforce Distracted Driving Laws

Over the past several years, safety advocates, lawmakers, and law enforcement across the nation have been working to reduce the number of preventable traffic accidents caused by distracted driving. In West Virginia, a statewide texting while driving ban took effect in July 2012. The following year, another distracted driving law passed, making it a primary...

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