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Lost Coal Claims in West Virginia

Lost coal claims in WV

Don’t Let a Mining Company Steal Your Claim

At Mani Ellis & Layne, PLLC, our West Virginia personal injury lawyers will fight to protect your rights in cases in which a coal claim has been stolen by a large corporation. If you have a claim, or royalties that have not been paid, our legal team is well qualified to assist you to take action against the corporation and pursue compensation. The compensation will include not only the failure to pay the royalties you deserve, but other costs to you and your family that are the result of their actions.

Large coal mining interests can easily just “run over” the little guy, hoping that the difficulty of litigation will restrict them from taking legal action. We are here to level the playing field for you. We relish the opportunity to take large corporations to trial and expose their illegal actions. They do not have the right to steal your claim or your money. Breach of contract, failures to pay royalties and other legal difficulties can appear to be impossible to resolve. This is far from true. They can be held accountable in court, and our professional litigation team will be happy to expose their illegal actions to the court for you.

Boundary Disputes and Coal Claims

Huge coal mining interests have been caught engaging in activities that violate the rights of those who have claim to certain land or mineral rights. If you have been a victim of any illegal activities by a coal mining company, we should evaluate your situation without delay. Without taking legal action, the company will continue to take your money and violate your rights to your claim and royalties. If a coal mining company has violated boundaries, or other boundary dispute, we are here to assist you to hold them accountable.

Coal Mining Accidents: Breach of Contract and Fraud

Corporations can have little concern or regard for local people who live and work in West Virginia. They may decide that they want to mine your claim, and could engage in gaining access to your claim through various legal strategies. Their corporate lawyers may believe that their client will never have to face up to their illegal actions in court. We relish the opportunity to take these large companies to court and expose their illegal actions to a jury. You have rights, and don’t let a large corporation trample them.