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Types of Coal Mining Injuries in West Virginia

coal mining injuries in WV

A Range of Injuries in Coal Mining

It is widely known that coal mining is a very dangerous profession. The types of injuries than can occur can range from minimal, to devastating, and can even lead to wrongful deaths. If you or a loved one works in a coal mine, it is essential that you understand the laws and regulations put in place to protect coal miners, and make sure they are being implemented at your place of employment.

If you or a loved one has already suffered an injury due to a coal mining accident, it is essential that you seek out the services of an experienced West Virginia personal injury attorney from our firm, who can help you understand your legal rights, and make a forceful case on your behalf in the hopes of securing compensation for your pain and suffering. The following are common injuries that can be sustained in coal mining accidents:

  • Burn accidents: Because of the methane gas that is released when mining for coal, explosions and fires are common occurrences, and can lead to sever burn injuries.
  • Electrocution: Faulty equipment and poor working conditions can lead to sever electrocution accidents.
  • Crush accidents: Crush accidents can occur because of a coal stockpile collapse, a roof collapse, or many other reasons. Even defective equipment can cause a crush accident to occur. These can lead to minor injuries such as broken bones, or injuries that are much worse, even wrongful death.

Help for Those Injured in Coal Mining Accidents

West Virginia personal injury attorneys at Mani Ellis & Layne, PLLC have a combined 35 years of experience handling coal mining accident cases and we are familiar with the specifics of the various types of injuries that can be incurred. Whether you have a suffered a minor injury or a life-changing catastrophic injury, you deserve to seek legal action against those responsible. We are from West Virginia and understand how dangerous coal mining can be. Allow one of our skilled and empathetic lawyers help you and your loved ones recover from this tragic experience. Contact us today.