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West Virginia Coal Mining Accident Lawyer

Coal Mine Accident

At Mani Ellis & Layne, PLLC, our West Virginia accident lawyers provide representation to the injured and their families in coal mining accident claims throughout the state of West Virginia. With more than 35 years of experience and many significant victories, both in settlements and verdicts for our clients and their families, we have the reputation as one of the most dedicated and aggressive injury law firms in the state. We offer legal representation that can be trusted to protect your rights and interests regardless of your circumstances.

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Injured in a Coal Mine Accident?

Our legal team is made up of highly skilled lawyers who were born and raised in West Virginia, and we have a deep interest in providing the highest level of legal representation to families throughout the state in coal mining accident injuries. We enjoy taking on large corporations in court and holding them accountable, no matter how complex the coal mining case. You deserve to recover every possible form of compensation from your claim. We will aggressively pursue the maximum possible in damages, and have achieved many notable victories against large corporations.

Top-Notch Legal Help from Personal Injury Attorneys in West Virginia

If you or your loved one has been in any type of coal mining accident, our firm should be contacted at once. State law allows for a lawsuit to be filed in cases of deliberate intent, and injury cases should be evaluated by our firm immediately. We offer legal counsel in lost coal claims, and will assist you to pursue the workers’ compensation benefits you need to survive, as well as other possible forms of compensation. If your case involves a coal stockpile collapse, coal truck accident, or the injury or death was related to defective equipment, it is imperative that the injury claim is carefully managed by a legal professional with a track record of success. As trial lawyers, we take on even the most complex cases, and offer legal representation in all types of injuries. We serve the injured and their families in all surface mining accidents, methane gas explosions, cases of electrocution, explosions and fires, roof collapse, and other types of personal injury claims in coal mining accidents.

We take our clients’ cases very personally and strive to be the best personal injury attorneys we can be for your claim. Each of our attorneys is passionate about assisting our clients on a one-on-one, individual basis, with the highest level of client care and service. Our entire firm, from the personal injury attorneys through to every staff member, is dedicated to providing responsive service. We keep each individual client informed of the progress of their claim. We have achieved many significant victories, both in settlements and verdicts for our clients, and are prepared to evaluate your injury case immediately. Don’t waste any time in contacting us today.

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